SkillsUSA 01

SillsUSA National Cyber Security Champions

SkillsUSA 02

caption? keep this pic?

Tuttle 05

Tuttle Commencement Speech

Tuttle 06

Tuttle Cyber Security graduate

Tuttle 04

US Dept of Ed Scott Stump

Tuttle 01

Something about the EDD project

Tuttle 07

Tuttle leadership, ambassador, mentor, and what was the other position u held - secretary of ??

Tuttle 03

Something on the structural interview project - which pic do u like better - top or bottom?

Tuttle 02
Boy Scouts - 4th of July 01

Something on doing flag ceremonies, patriotism, 4th of July participation

Boy Scouts - Summer Camp 01

Something on participating in BSA Summer Camps and leadership, list locations in Colorado, South Dakota, West Virginia and the goals of summer camp and merit badges

Boy Scouts - 03

Boy Scouts of America National Jamboree attendee - list the significance of attending the first one at the Bechtel Reserve (inaugural)

Boy Scouts - 04

Jamboree - explain how troop 177 joined with other troops

Boy Scouts - Community Service 01

Something about this event - isn't it community service for (what was it called?) where you had to work together without talking?

Boy Scouts - Ceremony 01
Boy Scouts - 06

SPL for two terms - cover the roles and responsibilities with scouts and adults, leadership, communication, coordination, etc. 

Boy Scouts - SPL 02
Boy Scouts - SPL 01
Boy Scouts - 05

Discuss the significance of fundraising through popcorn sales and mentoring cub scouts and younger boy scouts

Robotics 02

Robotics team work, leadership, problem solving, volunteer hours, etc

Robotics 01

Robotics team work, leadership, problem solving, volunteer hours, etc


CODA All State (a really big deal) mention u qualified on 2 instruments and had to pick one

Music 01

Something about the Recital with Friends, held two years in a row

Band - 04

I know ur feelings about this event - but it is a big deal in terms of portfolio (and this is a professional photo) - write something about the priviledge of being invited to particiapte in the Lonodn New Years Day Parade (its a really big deal!)

Band - 05

Senior year - asked to switch to tuba

Band - 02

Something about the band leader asking u to switch to bass clarinet, learning a new instrumant after playing Bb clarinet for (?) years

Band - 03

Something about clarinet, marching band, and the include "Gravity" reference

Band - Freshman Award

This meant a lot to you - write soemthing from the heart about what it meant to receive this peer reward

A video to show my time in Boy scouts and other experiences such as leadership, mentoring, and community service that accompanied me on this seven year journey. To create this video I used Powerpoint and Wondershare Filmora to help showcase my love of technology.